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Leisure with a Twist

Welcome to Ladies of Leisure, a podcast for badass ladies who do things for the betterment of themselves and others around them while practicing self care.


If you love to laugh, accomplish something productive and burn the butter off your buns, this podcast is for you! Join us on our weekly journeys with the Ladies of Leisure, Sladjana and Lisa!

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2019 in Your Face!

It's been 25 days - I now accept 2019.

In my head, where all my well laid crazy lives, I have plans after Christmas to audit my year. Look through my bullet journals, flip through the calendar, take inventory of all my accomplishments and gaze at my goals from the last year to see what got done and not done.

Then, I dig deep for a few days and think - what does Future Lisa look like? Side note - Sladjana and I love Future, Present and Past versions of ourselves. Often remarking, "Past Lisa was a douche and left me a lot of work to do while she Netflixed" or "Future Sladjana is going to love me for the circuit workouts I'm about to throw down!"

Anyway, I dream about Future Lisa. She's got her junk together. Crafting almost every day, in ninja-shape, dressed, showered, maybe some make up and smiling while princess waving and throwing puppies to orphans as she rollerskates by. Future Lisa is someone you want to drink with.

Then I make up goals. Previous years, I had as many as 72 small and large goals I gave myself to complete and would have to settle for 50% success rate. Here's last year's:

1) Write to a Sentence to Someone Every Day to keep in touch - started out strong but meh like 60% effort

2) Make something every day - started out strong but large periods of nothing

3) Workout for just small bits a day - meant to take walks, keep active but definitely improved and accomplished this off my day

4) Make stuff/upcycle shipping boxes and other things into new things or play toys for kids - did okay 60% success

5) Have a Side Hustle - Ladies of Leisure! Win!

6) Start a newsletter - Ladies of Leisure and one with my friends! 2!

7) Finish Productivity Journal - almost there. Like 5 days left. Kinda win.

8) Finish online classes I have purchased - nope.

9) Finish baby book - super nope.

Kinda successful. 50% success is about on par. This year I decided to do a kinda mantra (but not really) 80% Doing, 20% Learning (listen to our NEW episode podcast for more on this). I think also more doable achievements. Here is the goals/resolutions for 2019!

2019 Goals

1) Reread Harry Potter - that is my jam, its been awhile

2) Listen to one new song a week - BOOM already doing it

3) Write a blog post a week - playing catch up but hey, we're still in this

4) Go through Kindle and start purging the hundreds of books I have - there's so many, where do I start????

5) Hot Tub Meditation - one of my favorite things, 20 minutes in hot tub, sometimes I forget and need to invest in that a bit

6) Go on 7 new trails/hikes with kids - nothing scheduled yet

7) Make/upcycle 7 awesome shirts - just got a donation of white shirts from husband, l;et the crafting begin!!!

8) Quarterly crafternoons - starting in February!

9) Have a game night with friends - love me some exploding kittens and unstable unicorns games, need to just get the friends over

10) Ladies of Leisure Retreat - some time this year!

11) Movie marathon - Lord of the Rings, Marvel, so many choices!

12) Finish a video game - since kids this has been super hard

13) Go through and organize/purge each room - Kuchy Kondo already started!

14) Bake 15 recipes from cookbooks - also Kuchy Kondo stupid cook books

15) Paint a piece of furniture - working on it

16) Go rollerskating with my older - we both have roller skates now!

17) Make art I would hang up on my wall

18) Have date night activities regularly (once a week)

19) Abuse instant pot and airfryer for unusual recipes, not the same ones over and over again.

20) Don't look like a sausage in your bathing suit by beach vacation

21) Write 5 minutes a day and text accountability buddy

22) Join a writer's group

23) Grow the podcast with 1,000 followers

Let's toast to 2019! What are your goals?

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