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Ladies of Leisure

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Leisure with a Twist

Welcome to Ladies of Leisure, a podcast for badass ladies who do things for the betterment of themselves and others around them while practicing self care.


If you love to laugh, accomplish something productive and burn the butter off your buns, this podcast is for you! Join us on our weekly journeys with the Ladies of Leisure, Sladjana and Lisa!

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  • Writer's pictureLady Lisa

How Great Ladies Meet

Once upon a time there were 2 ladies. They had just started working in the same HR department.

They met.

The two ladies realized they had a lot in common.

And they had similar problems.

As all great ladies do, they talked, discussed, gabbed, hypothesized, guesstimated, pontificated, ranted, brainstormed, collaborated and basically exhausted their brainsicles.

But what came out of it was magical - a bonding of 2 ladies who despite not always knowing the answers to their problems still have fun, still get up again to face their hurdles and know a fellow lady is there for them

The End.

Wait - no, not the end. Because these crazy ladies want to go bigger.

Okay, cool, we got the website, the insta', the RSS feed, all the equips...

Let's LoL!

And that's how Ladies of Leisure became a thing.

Come join us on our happy ever after!

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