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Leisure with a Twist

Welcome to Ladies of Leisure, a podcast for badass ladies who do things for the betterment of themselves and others around them while practicing self care.


If you love to laugh, accomplish something productive and burn the butter off your buns, this podcast is for you! Join us on our weekly journeys with the Ladies of Leisure, Sladjana and Lisa!

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  • Writer's pictureLady Lisa

Kuchy's Korner

I love me some steamy hot romance. The books where author have invested in keeping a great plot and then added all the creative, tantalizing scenes a lady of leisure like myself is interested in.

Let's get started with some of my ultimate favorites.

I love me a guy in a mask. Take a great story like Phantom of the Opera, throw in some off-the-wall, wicked sex scenes and I'm in! In this retake, everyone is getting their booty time on, not just Phantom and Christine. The author creatively keeps plot intact while having down and dirty sex scenes and keeps them coming (see what I did there). If you desire some sexy time, this has got the steam.

Cautions: the f-bombs, BDSM

Review: If you loved the 2004 movie and wanted to see everyone behind the scenes at the opera get dirty, this book has got it.

Follow up: Try the Colette Gray's other book, The Count of Monte Cristo retelling.

Interested in mermaids? Excellent. Interested in mermaids flipping tail with angels? Thought so. This book was made for you. The author keeps some mystery in the plot with a great climax ending all the while dishing up some out of this world sexy time between angels and mermaids. Within the first 20 pages, you get your first glimpse of this whole new world of steamy delight you're in for.

Cautions: Lots of mermaid sex

Review: I read all three books and loved the plot and the creativity behind the boom boom times.

Follow up: Try the Joey Hill's sequel to this, it's got the sea witch ready to mate!

Have you thought you wanted a bit more matriarchy feminism to your smut? Meet Forbidden, a delightful read, focusing on Rome's occupation of the Celts. Our main character, Carys, is a Druid princess who demands her Roman centurion with lines like "No, you come to me." Maximus, her lover, is straight out of your fantasies and loves/hates/but mostly lurves this headstrong lady. Lots of lady power with bonding with goddesses which gives a unique feel.

Cautions: includes almost rape, the f-bombs

Review: If you loved Mists of Avalon, with their lady power, this is the dirty version.

Note: As of posting date, the kindle book is free on Amazon

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