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Leisure with a Twist

Welcome to Ladies of Leisure, a podcast for badass ladies who do things for the betterment of themselves and others around them while practicing self care.


If you love to laugh, accomplish something productive and burn the butter off your buns, this podcast is for you! Join us on our weekly journeys with the Ladies of Leisure, Sladjana and Lisa!

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  • Writer's pictureLady Lisa

Why I Heart the Internet

There's a lot of talk keeping your internet data private and watch who's tracking you and maybe wrap up your security in VPN.

I'm here to show you why the internet tracking me is amazing.

When I casually go to the interwebbies to window shop or just do some googling, I get amazingness.

For example - this popped up in my feed when I searched "house succulents"

The internet knew I wanted this. Sadly it came off someone's instagram in Italian and this is not something I can buy for my work desk.

Next, I asked the interwebbies "book to read"

Yup. I'll take it. Looks like something I would read.Good job, interwebbies!

Then I needed to spice up my wine glasses and wanted a DIY project so googled "DIY wine glasses:

Oh, I have some barbies, I could make these creepy glasses! Solid recommendation!

My son has a ton of legos and I wanted some ideas on what people had done so searched "lego projects"

Totally me. Will work on that today.

While I do think creepy internet companies are collecting too much data. I am becoming a real renaissance lady because the interwebbies know me.

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