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About Us

Lisa has been badassing for about 36 years, even as a baby. Getting through life with crass revelations about the world, a smile and laughs is usually how she operates. Growing up in the Northeast in a small town, she now lives with my husband and 2 boys in the DC metro area. She spends a lot of time reading, practicing to be a ninja in all ways possible and crafting it up, with many fails. Becoming a lady of leisure was an easy move and her dream is to help fellow ladies of leisure keep growing in their talents.

Sladjana has never met a pun that she doesn’t love. She is also not below throwing a dad joke out at any opportunity she gets. When she’s not punning and dad joking she loves to folk dance and spend time with her boyfriend. Sladjana spends her time socializing with friends and testing new recipes to eventually fulfill her dream of becoming a culinary goddess and hostess to the mostest. Her recent goal involves mastering the art of crafting a proper cocktail. Becoming a lady of leisure was an easy move as it allows Sladjana to connect with other badass ladies to inspire growth and self-care.

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